Heather Marie Diosano Cooke


24 and enjoying the ride!

thus far i've had an amazing life.  i grew up in a somewhat small town in southern maryland known to many as "the county." i was born on the navy base there. i started playin soccer when i was 4 years old and haven't stopped since!  other than soccer i love to travel and plan to see as much of the world as i can. 

i was very blessed growing up with my lovely brother and sister, and then my parents that supported all my interests and dreams. in middle school, i wanted to try the modeling thing, but had too many conflicts and had to make a decision. naturally i chose soccer. but with my love for being in front of the camera and being in the spotlight, i couldn't say no to going on MTV's "The Real World."  though, i'll admit i definitely could have done with out that! nonetheless, lessons were learned. 

now, i have the opportunity to represent my mom's country of the Philippines as i play on the women's national football team known as the "Malditas!" how lucky i am to continue my passions: soccer, traveling, and self-discovery!  i'm thankful for everything and i hope to use my gifts to help and inspire others!  thank you to all that have been a part of my life.



Live your PASSION!!!!


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